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Luxury Boutique Hotels

There are only a limited number of boutique luxury hotels in Ibiza; some of which don't even advertise themselves as that want to remain exclusive. These hotels are rural or semi-rural without direct beach access. If you are looking for a small luxury hotel in Ibiza with prices ranging from €450 to €1,000 per night then please contact our concierge team via the email below. Please bear in mind that as many of these hotels have only a handful of rooms (10 rooms on average ranging from 5 room hotels to 20 room hotels) then availability is limited and leaving it to the last minute will likely leave you disappointed. These hotels have minimum stays ranging from 3 to 7 nights. Some of the hotels we feature you simply won't find with other concierge companies or on other hotel websites.

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€500 to €750 per night €750+ per night

Rapid Response Team - We will respond to your enquiry within 60 minutes (during office hours)

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